Implementing Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting

by Jazmin Argüello
on November 15, 2019

A range of environmental evaluation tools has been developed with the purpose of integrating the natural capital into economical national accounting frameworks and inform policy-makers on their availability, use, and depletion. My work concentrated on the system approach methodology, the Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting (ENCA). ENCA is an extension of the conceptual UN Economic and Environmental Accounting System (SEEA), with the purpose of calculating ecosystem change at different scales. Importantly ENCA targets “no net ecosystem degradation” and ultimately the amortization of the natural capital. The objective of the project is to make actionable the Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounts by developing a proof-of-concept tool at the Rhone watershed scale. I will present data on each category of resource account and their subsequent aggregation in ECU. I will discuss the limitations on data availability, and data management and analysis for the production of ENCA.

About Jazmin Argüello

I am an environmental biologist and I am interested on nature management and conservation.