Grounding Design

by Gauthier Roussilhe
on November 15, 2019

Design has an history of evolving “off-ground”, outside of the material conditions of its own production. As a result, mainstream design practices didn’t include the notion a territory (geography, ecology, history) in their framework. How do you design from the territory or “milieu”, how does the territory can influence design practices? We will take the case of digital design, known for sustaining the myths of dematerialization and “global village”, to assess how territorial realities are represented back into digital practices nowadays.

About Gauthier Roussilhe

I’m a designer and researcher working on the effects of the Anthropocene. Consequently, I study how design practice can help negotiate the everyday life brought by our new living conditions and how to design and maintain services and systems with limited resources and energy for both humans and non-humans. As a practitioner I explore the field of digital "low-tech", meaning designing digital services with the maximum duration and lowest ecological footprint.