Thinking with physical representation of data

by Samuel Huron
on November 16, 2018

During this talk I will briefly explore multiple facet of one question: How physical representation of data are not only a process to communicate about data but also a mean to think individually and collectively.

About Samuel Huron

Samuel Huron is an associate professor in Design and ICT at Telecom Paris Tech in France. He is part of the Co-design Lab and in charge of developing the design studio inside the school. In 2014, he graduated with a PhD in computer science from the university Paris Saclay in collaboration with INRIA. For his work on “constructive visualization” he received the 2015 best doctoral dissertation award from IEEE VGTC Pioneer Group. He was then invited as a Post doctorate researcher at the University of Calgary in the Innovis group. Before, he was the lead designer of the Institute of research and Innovation of the Pompidou Center. His research is mostly focus on the design process of visual representation of data, design methods apply to research and computer human interaction. His approach is grounded in fifteen years of experience in industry with interactive media industries where he worked for a broad range of civic, cultural and corporate clients.!