Data Sonification. The added value of sound in experiencing complexity.

by Sara Lenzi
on November 15, 2018

As the amount of data produced on a daily basis increases exponentially and with it the complexity of making sense of large volumes of structured and unstructured information, a new approach to the representation of data is emerging. The design community is starting advocating for a novel approach to transform specialized data visualization techniques into independent, full rounded “data experiences” providing sense – making tools also to non-experts.

In this context and beyond the current definition of Data Sonification, the talk investigates the added value of sound in making sense of complex issues through the application of sound design practices borrowed from other fields to the visual representation of data, in order to design embodied human-data experiences. Current design activity will be presented along with tentative results and work methodology.

About Sara Lenzi

Sound designer with a background in philosophy, Sara founded and run for almost a decade Lorelei, the first sound branding agency in South East Asia. After a career as strategy and marketing director for tech and design startups between Europe and Asia, she is now a PhD candidate at the Politecnico di Milano and part of Density Design Lab.