Creating artworks from scientific data?

by Dr Kirell Benzi
on November 15, 2018

Even if it may seem unnatural at first, the combination of art and science is gaining momentum in the research community. In this talk, I will explain why Data Art is a formidable support for scientific communication by showing various examples from my own research and artworks.

About Dr Kirell Benzi

Kirell Benzi holds a Ph.D. in Data Science from EFPL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) where he teaches data visualization to over 180 master’s students. Through a hypnotic visual semantic, Kirell works to show that algorithms have a soul… In other words, that we can generate emotion and curiosity through calculations. Even though this logic can seem cold in the collective imagination, it might be able to seduce even the most averse to science. His work has been shown on over 100 websites in 10 languages, he also runs or takes part in several art exhibitions around the globe.