The Atlas of Data on Earth

by Titouan Poisson
on November 16, 2018

The Atlas of Data on Earth investigate how flows of data relate to the ecosystems of our planet.

Earth ecosystems are increasingly monitored by human and technological means. The growing flows of data thereby harvested serve a wide spectrum of purposes ranging from practical services, such as meteorological forecast, to the enhancement of scientific knowledge in earth and natural sciences.

These data reveal a profound evolution of the environment, affecting current balances, putting many species at risk, and constituting a threat for humanity as well. They also demonstrate the impact of human activities on the earth system through the modification of the chemical composition of the atmosphere or the ocean for instance. There is a growing quest to find solutions to this considerable challenge, and at the same time a growing doubt that humanity is politically organized in an appropriate form.

About Titouan Poisson

Titouan Poisson is a master student at the Institute of Geopolitics.